Biotin and Hair Loss

Biotin and hair loss

Biotin in Liver  is need for hair and nails.

Biotin can be said to be the essential supplementary for the people who are interested in avoiding or preventing hair loss and increase the growth of the hair. Biotin plays an important role and is a vitally important vitamin to the hair.

It (biotin) is present in some foods naturally but who likes liver?

Ok if you like liver, great if you don’t you can get it from eggs also, so live and eggs in the morning will help your hair. Here’s the problem… getting Biotin for a hair loss treatment this way only if large amounts of liver as well as eggs are taken in everyday.

Since biotin consists of large amount of vitamin-B, it helps in ability to strengthen nails and hair. Deficiency in biotin will result in your body becoming unhealthy as well as frail and thinning hair. A majority of the nutritionists recommend biotin and agree that it is necessary for healthy hair growth. Foods That Consists of Biotin.

Foods that include large amount of biotin are green peas, oats, soybeans, brown rice, walnuts, yeast and sunflower seeds etc. Some of the first signs of biotin and hair loss include hair loss in eyelashes as well as in eyebrows. In order to avoid hair loss, it is necessary to intake supplements that are rich in biotin contents.

Even shampoo also consists of certain percentage of biotin where usage of those shampoos will prevent thinning hair and other deficiencies of hair. What Are Healthy levels?

On an average, a healthy adult should consume at least from 30 to 100 micrograms of biotin per day. As this vitamin is water soluble, it has to be replenished at regular intervals in order to maintain the exact biotin level in the human body.

Even studies report that biotin and hair loss are directly connected because of how a lack of biotin can also affect the human nervous system. Research also says that people with A+ blood group will have lesser percentage of vitamin B in them and those people should consume at least 5 to 8 grams of biotin in order to add up the vitamins and prevent from hair loss or other deficiencies. Consumption of biotin with 5 to 8 grams per day does not result in any side effects and hence people can add up this vitamin content in their diets with no worries.

Regarding biotin and hair loss treatment, people who have diseases like heartburn or GRED or acid reflex etc will consume antacid along with their medicines and these antacids will absorb the biotin content. Therefore, chances for hair loss and other hair deficiencies will increase if you take these medication on a regular basis. In these cases you will want to make sure you increase levels to compensate.

You will find that most quality or proven hair loss treatments will include biotin as a key ingredient as the connection between biotin and hair loss has been clinically proven. Here is a list of Proven treaments you can choose from.

Provillus For Men
Provillus For Women

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