GrayBan Can Stop Gray Hair

Yes you can STOP gray hair with GrayBan!

GrayBan - Anti-Gray Solution for Men & WomenGrayBan is a new spray-on formula that can naturally restore gray hair back to its original color. Results can be seen as soon as 7 – 14 days with daily treatments.

Focusing on restoring the hairs capillary tubes which grow hollow and make hair appear white or gray this powerful formula and it’s reinvigorating action stimulates the hair into getting back it’s natural color.

How can this be? You’ll be happy to know that GrayBan is clinically tested and proven to work, and in fact the studies show natural hair color restoration of 42% after 14 days and 82.3% after 28 days treatment.

You don’t have to worry about any special precautions because it is not noticeable in the hair and does not have a scent like most hair care products, in fact it is undetectable. No it does not dye your hair! it actually stimulates it into progressively getting the gray out of the hair while giving hair more volume. It is completely safe on the scalp as there were no side effects reported during the clinical trials.

How does GrayBan work?

As you may already know our hair begins to lose Melanin as we get older leaving the hair shaft hollow and appearing white and GrayBan combines with your hair’s natural protein to gradually add melanin pigment back into your hair. Daily applications will gradually turn your hair back to looking more natural.

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2 thoughts on “GrayBan Can Stop Gray Hair

  1. Dave Denison

    Have you heard of a hair loss pill called Foligen? I was told that’s it’s better than anything else on the market today. Can you help me out here?

    1. Rickbob Post author

      Yes Foligen is new and seems to be gaining recognition in the hair loss community. The clinical studies on the website are strong and very promising. They currently have a 5% discount on your first order too. You can read more HERE.


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