Main Causes of Hair Loss

Cause of Hair Loss #1: Natural Shedding

Daily hair loss happens to all of us. It’s a natural function of being human. Every day, we shed 100 – 200 hairs through brushing, combing, washing, styling, or just plain gravity.
In most people, those lost hairs are replaced by an equal number of brand new strands emerging from the hair follicle. But if hair regrowth is weak or the follicle is damaged or blocked, your hair gets thin and sparse. That’s when you need to dig deeper to find the “root” reasons for hair loss.

Cause of Hair Loss #2: Health

Environmental or health factors can lead to temporary hair loss. They include things like surgery, pregnancy, drugs (such as chemotherapy), stressful work or family situations, dietary changes, sudden weight loss, hormonal fluctuations, etc.
As soon as these temporary issues are resolved, hair growth usually returns to normal. So while these reasons for hair loss are very real, they are not a primary or permanent cause of baldness.

Cause of Hair Loss #3: Genetics

This is the biggie – the main hair loss causes can be traced to heredity. It starts even before you’re born, when your genetic structure determines whether your follicles will eventually lose their ability to generate new growth.

A hormone called DHT reduces hair production at the follicles over time, which leads to thinner and more fragile hair as you age. This condition is known as androgenic alopecia (AGA), also called male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness.

In short, the most common reasons for hair loss or premature baldness are your grandpa or grandma and their ancestors before them. offers you Proven Solutions For Hair Loss

We source natural, safe ingredients to reduce the amount of the enzyme that converts cholesterol to DHT hormone in the body. Less DHT means healthier roots and follicles and fuller-looking hair.

We look for products that also contains vitamins that help metabolize the herbal ingredients, increasing their availability and effectiveness.

Extra benefit: Vitamins are a factor in the maintenance of good health, so you can do something good for your body while you’re preventing your hair from falling out!

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