Provillus For Women in Canada

Provillus for Women In Canada

Provillus for Women In Canada

Provillus for Women is 2 part system that comes with hair loss supplements and a topical solution but in Canada the topical solution is restricted because of the known side effects.

Most websites you will find will say there are no Provillus for women side effects but this is NOT true. The all natural pills have no side effects but the topical (minoxidil) treatment does have know side effects.

In Canada Provillus for women is available in capsule form only but in reality there really is no reason for the topical to be restricted because it’s the exact same a Rogaine that sold in many drug store and Walmart across Canada already.

The most important part of this hair loss treatment for women are the supplements anyway because the purpose of the topical is to bring nutrients through increased blood flow to the scalp but if you do not have the right nutrients found in the Provillus for women’s pills your wasting your time and money.

For women thinning hair is caused by follicle miniaturization caused by lack of nutrients in the diet. This specific formula is created for women only and supports natural health regrowth and prevents thinning resulting in hair loss.

Yet, in addition to all these major pluses, Provillus also enhances a woman’s self-esteem. Women suffer from higher emotional stress associated with hair loss than men. Bald men are accepted and acceptable, but when a woman loses her hair she loses her sex-appeal, her beauty and her self-confidence.

Provillus For Women Ingredients

Provillus for women ingredient list

100% Natural Ingredients

The main ingredients in the women’s formula includes biotin, vitamin B6, magnesium and Horsetail Silica extract, all of which are key to growing hair and proper hair health. The supplements are naturally formulated to add the missing vitamins and nutrients that supports the female body.

To stop hair loss you need to target the hair follicles at the right stage of growth so it’s advised to give at least three months on the average to see real results and stop thinning hair and at least six months to grow new hair back.

This is a very effective but long term treatment option with a daily dosage of 2 capsules and each bottle contains 30 servings per container (60 capsules).

Want to Stop Thinning Hair?
“Yes I want Provillus for women supplements to stop my hair loss!”

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You can save money if you order Provillus for Women online because for now you cannot buy it from the local pharmacy.

Provillus for Women Side Effects

As mentioned earlier there are NO side effects when taking the supplement BUT the topical treatment does have side effects that you should be aware of.

The Provillus topical solution is actually 2% minoxidil which is also known as Rogaine. You can buy Rogaine at your local Walmart or pharmacy in Canada but it’s restricted for import into Canada. If you find a retailer online that sells Provillus for women with the topical this retailer will be located in The USA ans you should beware that it may not make it through the US Canada border because it’s restricted.

This really makes no sense to me at all because Rogaine or 2% minoxidil is not restricted in Canada only a strength higher than 2% like the Provillus for men Topical which is 5% minoxidil.

Let’s not forget that Minoxidil was created to increase blood pressure initially and does have know side effects which include;

  • increased heart rate
  • chest pains
  • dizziness

Pregnancy can also cause hair loss because of vitamin deficiency BUT women that are expecting should NOT use Provillus without your doctor’s approval.

You would be much safer taking the all natural supplements only if your pregnant but you are already taking medication or suffering s from a disease or currently undergoing some form of medical treatment it’s best to speak to your health care professional to ensure there are no interference’s with any type of medication or treatments causing side effects.

The Provillus for women’s formula is very popular in Canada and has a great reputation for new hair regrowth. Fact is many of the women we interviewed about this treatment option were very happy with their results and the service they got from Provillus

One thing I would suggest is to be realistic in your expectations of any hair loss treatment you choose, because this supplement will give very good results but it cannot perform miracles.

It’s a proven treatment for hair loss in women in Canada but still may not work for everyone.

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  1. Ana Lucan

    By far this is the best hair loss treatment I have ever used. The pills is what makes the difference for sure because I have used Rogaine for women and it just doesn’t work. Thanks


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