How to Stop a Receding Hairline

How to┬ástop a receding hairline!┬áHere is how…

Treating a Receding Hairline

Treating a Receding Hairline

Understanding that there are two main reasons that cause a receding hair line and they are your Genes and a hormone called DHT.

The thing about a receding hairline is that it starts with thinning hair so most men won’t even notice it at first.

Fact is many men wait until it is very noticeable before they do anything about it. In order to stop a receding hairline you have to catch it early before the actual hair follicle dies off.

You will see website telling you their hair loss treatments can regrow hair, well the truth is they cannot turn dead cells into living cells or it would be a medical miracle.

Also you must know that there are literally hundreds of hair loss products on the market BUT not all will work on the receding hairline. Fact is most are engineered to work specifically on the vertex of the scalp so you need to be careful what you are buying.

It’s when the hair becomes thinner you can still do something about it and there are a few options for thinning hair and the receding hairline that we can address here.

Receding Hairline Caused by Genetics

The receding hairline is inherited through the genes of your mother although most people think it’s the father. The main issue with genetic hair loss is the fact that the thinning hair and balding is the body’s inability to produce more hair.

The main reason is due to the hair follicles going through their normal 25 cycles within a very short time period and this can be caused by higher levels of testosterone. This causes the follicles to stop producing hairs much earlier than normal but can be treated.

The only way to reduce your chances of inheriting a receding hairline is to prevent the hair follicles from going through the hair growth cycles so fast and in order to do this you have to start early.

As I mentioned before, this is a problem because most men wait until it’s too late. Taking hair loss vitamins with a DHT blocker at the first sign of thinning will force the hair follicles to grow at normal rates.


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