Tips For Healthier Hair At Home

Taking Care of Hair at Home

Hair at Home Tips!

Managing your hair at home can be easy and inexpensive with a few helpful tips. It is perfectly normal to lose about 100 hairs a day and the average human head has about 100,000 hair follicles.

Each follicle can grow about 20 individual hairs in a person’s lifetime if the follicle is healthy. Keeping hair healthy isn’t easy as so many things can affects it’s health and growth which we will discuss here.

Many people like the pampering that a salon can offer and taking care of your hair at home can be hard when you doing it by yourself. So here are a few things you can do with your hair at home.

Hair Styles At Home

When doing any hair style at home make sure not to put too much strain on the follicle. Constant stress can damage hair causing hair loss over time and is often over looked as a cause.

Short hair styles – are not for everyone but they can be very sexy and easy to manage at home. You can save time getting ready in the morning or evening not to mention using less shampoos and conditioners. Short curly hair is more dry usually because the sebum (oil) cannot travel down the hair so using moisturizing shampoos work best. Use shampoo that contains wheat germ oil, shea butter and nut oils (macadamia, for example). These tend to coat the hair shaft, trapping water inside.

Long hair styles – work well for people with thicker, coarse hair so keeping it healthy is very important for shine and bounce. If hair is not healthy it becomes dry, damaged and shows split ends…who wants that?

For this type of hair style at home be sure to look for an ultra-moisturizing conditioner made especially for coarse hair. Once a month use a hot oil treatment. For extra-dry hair, use an intense moisturizing treatment every 2 weeks.

Dry or damage hair at home – Use creamy conditioners and try not to use the clear ones. The creamier the better as these will help keep your hair from tangling plust keep your hair smooth and static free.

Coloring Hair At Home – When you color your hair at home or dye your hair at home it will become oily at the roots but dry on the ends so moisture is key for colored, permed and relaxed hair. Washing your hair right down to the scalp every other day with a shampoo made for normal hair will help. Also use a strong conditioner only on the mid-shaft to ends of hair.

When coloring hair at home you can get professional results for 1/4 the cost. Start by using Clairol or L’Oreal brands or make your own kit all you will need is the coloring liquid and creme bleach, which is called developer. Choose a 30 volume white developer for best results. You can save money by purchasing a large bottle of developer and only purchasing the liquid color each time you need to touch up your roots.

Bleaching Hair At Home – Using bleach for lightening hair is more risky than most hair coloring processes so doing it at home may not give you the results your looking for. When you bleach the hair you are basically striping what appears to be our “natural” hair color, exposing the underlying pigment lurking beneath the surface. Depending on how dark your hair is naturally, your underlying pigment could range from rusty orange to pale yellow.

Bleach comes in powder form and hydrogen peroxide is added to activate the lightening process. If you get a bleach/highlighting kit from the drugstore, the developer that comes with it will likely be 20 Volume peroxide.

Add the peroxide to the powder bleach a little at a time, stirring and squishing the lumps out. Your kit may have instructions for measurements. If in doubt, mix the bleach to a thick gravy consistency. Not so thin that it runs off the brush when you hold it above the bowl.
If it’s too runny, add more powder. If bleach is mixed to a thick consistency it tends to dry out faster and not be as effective.

Close your bleach powder up tight for storage. Air causes the powder to oxidate and lose its effectiveness. Double protection inside a plastic bag, then inside a plastic tub is a good idea to keep it fresh and ready for action.

Shiny Hair At Home – Is very hard to get all you need is a good conditioner. Like I mentioned above the creamier the conditioner the better as these types of conditioner can take dry damaged hair and make it look silky and smooth. Hair Genesis conditioner works very well for any type of hair mainly because of the all natural ingredience preventing ROS damage, cytotoxicity, genotoxicity and apoptotic cell death in susceptible follicles & facilitate intramitochondrial transport of fatty acids for beta oxidation an important function in hair follicle energy metabolism a system which is one of the most robustly proliferative and energy intensive structures in the human body. There are not many conditioners that can match what hair genesis conditioner offers.

Hair Salon At Home – Many salons use hair masks, oil treatments, and protein and beaded ampules to help nurture and condition hair of all types. Learning to give oneself these types of treatments at home is beneficial for both financial and convenience reasons. Creating your own hair salon at home requires basics such as good quality products but you need to understand how to use them and when to use them.

Proper hair care requires more than a simple wash and condition and when people are in need of special treatments, they often go to spas or salons to get scalp massages, dry hair treatments or oil infusions to help strengthen and pamper their hair.

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